I’m a legal scholar focused on the intersection of law, political economy, and innovation. While intellectual property remains the primary focus of law and innovation scholars, I approach IP as one feature of the larger system of institutions–particularly those in the public and non-profit sectors–that drive technology development. I investigate how IP functions within this broader institutional context, and how it might be integrated into other forms of innovation policy to improve social outcomes. Using a combination of historical and qualitative methods, my work places particular emphasis on the role of federal R&D programs and university research in shaping science and technology. I aim to better understand how the national innovation system developed, how it works today, and how IP law and policy reform might make it work better.

I completed my PhD in Political Economy at MIT in early 2021, and received my JD from Harvard Law School in 2017. In the 2021-2022 academic year, I will be a Teaching Fellow in Law and Political Economy at Sciences Po in Menton, France. I am also a Research Affiliate at the MIT Industrial Performance Center, where I work on innovation and manufacturing policy at the local and regional levels.